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Connecting small things makes a big difference in everyday life

News   •   Apr 27, 2015 08:16 UTC

Verisure believes that it’s a human right to feel safe and secure in your home. To realize this vision they rely on partners like Telenor Connexion to ensure stable connectivity.

Verisure’s business is the connected home or the "smart home", a home in which nearly anything and everything can be connected. Companies like Verisure rely on good connectivity in order to maintain and evolve their business.

Verisure started out with home alarms, detecting unwanted entry and sending notifications back to the security company. This has evolved into connected fire detectors, smart electrical outlets that can be remotely deactivated and even Verisure's latest innovation, the smart mouse detector, which will notify you if unwanted rodents are wandering your home.

The opportunities to improve lives and to make your home safer are endless, when we imagine all that can and someday will be connected.

Meet Michael Peterson of Verisure and find out how smart homes are leading to better lives.

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